Women's Rights

I support Roe vs. Wade

I support Roe vs. Wade and the right to a safe, legal abortion and access to contraception.  I believe this should be a settled issue. Contraception should be available to all who need it. I also spoke out on the floor in favor of funding for the LARC program which passed in May 2018.


I serve on the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council.

I serve on the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council which is providing leadership nationwide to protect and advance reproductive rights, health, and justice.


I sponsored the Whole Woman’s Health Act.

I have sponsored the Whole Woman’s Health Act to remove abortion from Virginia’s criminal code and to remove medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion. 


I support NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

I have worked closely at the grassroots level with NARAL and Planned Parenthood since I was a college student at Hollins University in the mid-1980s and this collaboration continues in the General Assembly.


I believe in Menstrual Equity.

Women need menstrual supplies to leave home during menstruation, a natural process over which we have no control. My bill to eliminate the sales tax is The Dignity Act. There is no justification for taxing something that only women need. In 2019 we made significant progress on a bipartisan bill to lower the tax rate on these items, this year I will work to eliminate the tax and to get menstrual supplies in the bathrooms of our schools.