I have experience with transportation planning.

Before serving in the House of Delegates, I spent five years at the table with elected officials, community representatives and senior staff from the region, identifying and planning the best land use and transportation solutions surrounding our Herndon and Innovation Center Metro stations.

I served on the Innovation Station Task Force.

I served on Supervisor Foust’s planning efforts once again to reassess the comprehensive plan around the Innovation Station.   

I am an advocate for creating new Transit Oriented Development regions.

I am working on creating new Transit Oriented Development regions, with multi-modal access will help get cars off the road and allow residents to live, work and play closer to home. In my capacity as an aide to Supervisor Foust, I worked to ensure that surrounding business leaders and residents have also been a part of the conversation.

I support metro funding.

Metro funding is critical to the strength of our transportation sector and I am proud to support funding for it in the General Assembly.

Gas taxes are an important asset to transportation funding.

I was in strong support as we passed a bill to put a “floor” on the gas tax so that when gas prices drop the Commonwealth does not lose a substantial revenue source.

I work towards affordable and efficient transportation options for all.

I co-patroned legislation to return HOV hours on I-66 to pre-tolling times and was quick to speak out on behalf of my constituents who are unable to join carpools and cannot afford the I-66 tolls. I will continue to work with VDOT and my colleagues to make sure that there are affordable and efficient transportation options for everyone in our community.