Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time for remembering. We honor those in the Armed Forces who died fighting so that we can vote for our leaders, to protect our free press, and live in a secular government system. Many of you will visit lost relatives or others who served in the military at cemeteries in thanks for their sacrifice on this somber day. We have to remember what they fought for and do what we can ourselves to protect our freedoms.

We will succeed if we support each other. That’s why I decided to run for office and will run again this year. It is my way of fighting for this country. With many in government set on rolling back our human rights, we have to work even harder to protect the way our values play out in legislation.

Please vote for me in the Democratic primary on June 11 and again in November. We would appreciate it if you could spread the word about these elections so that I can continue to fight for our veterans, healthcare expansion, and gun reform.

Thank you and have a peaceful Memorial Day.

Kindest regards,

- Sen. Jennifer Boysko