Another tragedy in Virginia.

I was heartbroken to hear the tragic news of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach this week. The twelve victims who lost their lives and the four who were injured did not deserve this fate.

Gov. Northam is calling members of the Virginia General Assembly into special session to address gun violence in Virginia. He and I believe that we cannot just offer prayers to those who were killed and injured and condolences for those who lost loved ones. We must keep working to find ways to make real policy changes that will ensure that this never happens again. We have to take this horrific event as yet another cue to work even harder to prevent gun violence.

This is a devastating time for all Americans who continue to live in fear of gun violence where they work, where they eat, and where they go to school.

Every single day, 100 people are killed by gun violence. Shockingly, this year so far, there have already been more than 22,600 instances of gun violence in the U.S. This was the deadliest US shooting, not in a decade, but since last November. This kind of violence is way too familiar in this country, and it saddens me to the core. To suggest that we should not act is unconscionable.

We will keep those victims of this shooting in Virginia Beach, as well as the 22,600 other victims who have lost their lives, in our hearts as we move forward as a state to help prevent future tragedies. This weekend, join Everytown for Gun Safety in its Wear Orange Weekend and National Gun Violence Awareness Day. If you can, please attend a local #WearOrange Weekend event in your community on June 8th and 9th. Just text ORANGE to 644-33 to find one near you.

Kindest regards,

- Sen. Jennifer Boysko