Legislative Record

The common thread of Jennifer’s long list of legislation is compassion. She is solving problems for those who have difficulty speaking up for themselves: animals, people struggling with addiction, women who need healthcare and find themselves far from the care they need and/or short on the money to pay, women who need menstrual supplies - all women, inmates, women in shelters, and girls in schools, victims of domestic violence and gun violence - all too often both, minorities and women who are treated unfairly in schools, by the criminal justice system and in the workplace.

Her legislation is full of practical solutions - an updated equal pay act to find real solutions to the wage gap for women and minorities and education bills to protect children by teaching them about consent, sex, sexual abuse, and family relationships with unbiased, science-based information. 

Animal Welfare 

  • SB 1011, Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established.
  • SB 1065, Dogs or cats; rental or lease prohibited, civil penalty, exception.
  • SB 1025, Companion animals; adequate shelter and space.
  • SB 1642, Cosmetics; animal testing prohibited, penalty.

Criminal Justice - both reform and protections 

  • SB 1645, Use of force; data collection and reporting requirement.


  • SB 1261, Public institutions of higher education; tuition and fee increases; public comment.
  • SB 1622, Child day programs; lead testing, potable water, effective date.
  • SB 1593, SCHEV; financial aid award notification. State Council of Higher Education for Virginia; financial aid award notification.
  • SB 1234,  Public institutions of higher education; governing boards; educational programs. 
  • SB 1118,  Public institutions of higher education; tuition and fee increases; public comment.
  • SB 1647, School boards; prospective school security officers; background investigation.
  • SB 1640, Eligibility for in-state tuition; certain individuals who have applied for permanent residency.


  • HB 76 Political campaign advertisements; disclosure requirements, advertisements placed or promoted for a fee on an online platform.
  • SB 1026, Absentee voting; no-excuse in-person voting available beginning on second Saturday immediately preceding election.
  • SJR 306, Constitutional amendment (first resolution); apportionment; Virginia Redistricting Commission.

Economic Opportunity for All

  • SB 1673, Wage; prevailing requirement for public works contracts, penalty.
  • SB 1200, Minimum wage; increase to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2019.
  • SB 1030,  Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases. 
  • SB 1079, Minimum wage; exemptions.
  • SB 1737, Civil relief; citizens furloughed or otherwise not receiving wages, etc.
  • SB 1255, Major Headquarters Workforce Grant Fund; created.
  • SB 1634, Economic revitalization zone, local; towns may establish by ordinance.
  • SB 1745, DEQ permits; technical assistance grants.
  • SB 1376, Small businesses; parental leave tax credit.
  • SB 1636, Virginia Equal Pay Act; civil penalties.
  • SB 1639, Paid family and medical leave program. Requires Paid family and medical leave program.

Equality for all, including LGBTQ Rights and Protections

  • HJR 579 United States Constitution; ratifies Equal Rights Amendment.
  • SJR 473, Commending Equality Virginia.
  • SJR 284, United States Constitution; ratifies Equal Rights Amendment.
  • SB 998, Nondiscrimination in public employment. Prohibits discrimination in public employment on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, as defined in the bill. 
  • SJR 297, Acknowledging with profound regret the existence and acceptance of lynching within the Commonwealth.
  • SB 1783, Local employee grievance procedure.
  • SB 1643, Birth certificates; change of sex.


  • SB 1456, Distributed renewable energy. Promotes the establishment of distributed renewable solar and other renewable energy.
  • SB 1605, Electric utilities; stakeholder process for energy efficiency programs.
  • SB 1648, Electric utilities; limitations on fossil fuel facilities.
  • HB 1686, Electric utilities; limitations on fossil fuel facilities.


  • SB 1116, Plastic bags; tax in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
  • SB 1070, Disposable paper and plastic bags; local taxation.
  • SB 1635, Screening of trash receptacles; local option.


  • SB 1451, Abortion; eliminate certain requirements, civil penalty.
  • HB 1033, Testing of bodily fluids; deemed consent.
  • SB 1644, Health information; sharing between community services boards and jails.
  • SB 1221, Telemedicine services; payment and coverage of services.
  • SB 1766, Board of Pharmacy; two-year pilot; controlled substance tracking system.
  • SB 1637, Virginia Human Rights Act; establishment of right to reproductive choice.


  • SB1232, Virginia Fair Housing Law; unlawful discriminatory housing practices.
  • HB 282, copatron, VHDA Act - a pilot program to help low income renters become homeowners.
  • SB 1109, Virginia Fair Housing Law; unlawful discriminatory housing practices; sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • SB 1339, Foster care omnibus. Makes numerous changes to the laws governing the provision of foster care services in the Commonwealth.

Menstrual Equity

  • SB 1715, Sales and use tax; reduced rate on essential personal hygiene products.
  • SB 1646, Menstrual supplies; availability in certain school buildings.


  • HB 1137, Commuter Rail Operating and Capital Fund; established.
  • SB 1133, Virginia Highway Corporation Act of 1988; tolls; distance-based pricing program.
  • SB 1784, Traffic incident management vehicles.