• Last session we passed Medicaid expansion, arguably one of the most important  pieces of legislation I will ever have the honor of helping to pass.  With that we are opening up the opportunity for up to 400,000 more Virginians to receive health care in Virginia.  
  • We must support increased funding for human services. When we take care of our most vulnerable residents it shows we have a commitment to our entire community. We can do better.
    • Provide early intervention therapeutic services for infants and toddlers, the Commonwealth of Virginia has long contracted with the Community Services Boards statewide.
    • Provide services for the growing numbers of adults aging out of the school system with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • Fund additional medicaid waivers.
      • While we increased medicaid waiver slots last year, we still have a significant waiting list for families. I work with parents in our community who are facing these issues and who are desperately seeking these services for their children, but are unable to, due to lack of funding.
      • The Medicaid waiver should provide critical home and community based services for qualified individuals. 
      • Virginia ranks seventh in per capita income and yet is 47th in Medicaid spending for persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities. States nationwide set their own income and asset eligibility criteria within federal guidelines. 


Legislative Record on Healthcare

  • HB 1231, Chief patron, Whole Woman’s Health Act, remove abortion from the criminal code and remove medically unnecessary regulations
  • HB 1088, Chief patron, passed, requires de-escalation training in emergency rooms to aid people experiencing a mental health crisis
  • HB 842 chief copatron, passed, allows distribution of the less expensive naloxone packaged with needles by trained REVIVE leaders
  • HB 1267, copatron, State health plans to include gender transition care
  • HB 1369 health insurance, mandated coverage for autism spectrum disorder
  • HB 5002 Budget bill, including Medicaid expansion and the LARC pilot program