Gun Violence Prevention

We cannot let gun violence, active shooter drills in schools, and vigils for lost lives be our normal.

I share the concerns of the many constituents who write to me afraid for their families and angry that gun violence continues to take so many lives. 


So why haven't we solved this problem? 

In the 2018 legislative session, I introduced legislation to incentivize background checks.  My bill, HB 273 allowed for liability to be imposed on a firearms seller or transfer if it was used to commit a crime and no background check was completed. I was also the co-patron of many other bills regarding gun safety.


Change is coming.

Many bills were killed on a 4-2 party-line vote despite passionate testimony from those affected by gun violence, including a survivor of the Las Vegas shooting. Four delegates decided the fate of these bills. So how can we make sure that these bills pass and we save lives in Virginia? The political party with the majority of legislators in the House and the Senate is the party that determines committee leadership and membership and determines whether bills are heard and voted on. Change is coming. Universal background checks and gun violence risk orders will be two of the first bills passed.