Social justice is a way of life.

My father is a retired Episcopal priest and my mother worked as a nurse and I grew up in the Deep South. My parents raised me with a strong sense of social justice. I worked my whole life as a grassroots activist to stand up for those who face discrimination. From the time I was in the 6th grade, working to make our crossing guard patrol coed at my school to the past ten years helping create the group HEART (Herndon Embraces All with Respect and Tolerance), I’ve consistently been a voice for fairness and inclusion. My husband and I placed a priority on raising our girls to be open-minded and to stand up for others as well.


A diverse community has the capacity to make us all richer as we learn from one another.

In every race I have run in the past, I have been endorsed by Equality VA and other pro-equality groups.  In every race in the past, I have been endorsed by New Virginia Majority.  I have dedicated my adult life to standing up for others because I believe that diversity and inclusivity are hallmarks of a healthy community. 


I will fight and vote for Virginia Every person should have the fundamental right to make decisions for themselves about their most personal and private family issues.

I embrace and welcome all people in my community - racial, socioeconomic, LGBTQIA+, cultural, and faith differences are part of who we are. I am proud of the legislation that I’ve carried and look forward to the very near future when the General Assembly in Virginia passes legislation that protects diversity and outlaws discrimination and hateful actions.


I will fight and vote for Virginia to ratify the ERA!

My equal pay legislation protects an expanded class of Virginians: "Protected class" means a group of persons distinguished by race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status, disability, or age.”