• 2020 Session - Legislative Update (3/2/2020)

    Twelve of the bills I sponsored have passed both chambers and are on their way to the Governor for his signature. Four more are awaiting House action and one bill is in Conference.

  • 2020 Session - the Senate Budget (2/25/2020)

    This is a budget that expresses our values as Virginians, focusing on education, economic development, transportation, environmental protection, and shoring up the safety net for the most vulnerable.

  • 2020 Session - Happy Valentine's Day (2/14/2020)

    Happy Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day is the one holiday during the General Assembly session that everyone celebrates with spirit. 

  • 2020 Session - Crossover (2/7/2020)

    On Tuesday, February 11, all Senate bills that have passed on the floor will be sent to the House for consideration. We call this Crossover. I carried 28 bills on a number of subjects from addressing economic inequality and protecting the civil rights of systematically disenfranchised members of our community to making small fixes for local government procurement and improving systems for our schools and mental health providers.  I am so proud of the efforts of the stakeholders, advocates and staff to move our priorities ahead. 

  • 2020 Session - Legislative Updates (1/31/2020)

    Of all things I have learned in Richmond, it is that persistence and hard work brings success.  A number of the legislative initiatives that I have championed for years are finding success at long last. 

  • 2020 Session - Hard at Work Following Monday's Protest (1/24/2020)

    It was business as usual despite the high profile protest on Monday. I had so many wonderful visitors stop by my office, such as members of SEIU, Equality Virginia, CASA, gun restriction supporters, and gun rights supporters.

  • 2020 Session - Bill Presentations (1/17/20)

    What a week! Many pieces of legislation I have championed for years are gaining traction and will make Virginia a much stronger and inclusive state. state.

  • 2020 Session: We Ratified the ERA! (1/15/20)

    Today begins a new ERA in Virginia as state legislators voted to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in both houses.

  • 2020 Session - First Week in Richmond

    A Letter for District 33: We are officially in session. Get ready for history in the making! We have for the first time in the 400 year history of the Virginia House of Delegates,  the first woman, Delegate Eileen Filler Corn serving as Speaker of the House. We also have the first woman Senator Louise Lucas serving as President Pro Tempore.

  • Boysko Bulletin #9

    Last Wednesday, April 20th, the Virginia General Assembly session reconvened in Richmond to consider Governor McAuliffe’s vetoes and amendments to legislation. The Governor returned 88 of the 811 bills passed this year, 32 with a veto and 56 with a recommended amendment.