Boysko Bulletin #1

This first issue of the Boysko Bulletin will be followed by weekly updates during session, keeping you up to speed on what's happening in Richmond.

Today I was officially sworn in as Delegate for the 86th and was appointed to two committees - Cities, Counties, and Towns and Privileges & Elections. My background working for Fairfax County government and as a longtime precinct captain have prepared me well to serve on both of these committees, and I am looking forward to the work at hand. To see a list of bills I’ll be sponsoring, click here to visit my page on the Legislative Information System’s website.

It is my great honor to serve as your representative, and I would be remiss if I did not thank our outgoing Delegate Tom Rust for his many years of service to our district. While we have not always seen eye to eye on policy, I have always held deep respect for his breadth of knowledge and commitment to serving our community. Many thanks, Mr. Rust!

I'm looking forward to working for you during the General Assembly session these next 60 days. Please let me know what's important to you.

Legislative Update

I’m the Chief Patron on six bills and a resolution. The resolution will commend the work done by the ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network, a local low- and no-cost full service medical clinic run by our local mosque. They’ve been operating for two years helping to close the coverage gap for our indigent community members.

  • In addition, there’s HB106, which changes the charter for the Town of Herndon, addressing some boundary adjustments and the chain of command during emergencies.

  • HB199 allows localities to extend mental health treatment and counseling to fire and rescue volunteers equal to that of paid employees.

  • HB355 provides for a representative from a victims’ advocacy organization to sit on the Forensic Science Board, which sets policy for the Department of Forensic Science.

  • HB509 creates the position of Chief Information Security Officer, who is responsible for the security of government information and applications in the Commonwealth.

  • HB1078 allows towns in Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties that do not have newspapers based within their boundaries to publish legal notices on their websites.

  • HB1082 permits the DMV to extend driving privileges to people with authorized presence in the United States.

As any of the bills I sponsor or co-patron move through the process, you can always follow them on LIS.

Visiting the Capitol

While the General Assembly is in session, feel free to stop by my Richmond office in room 715 of the General Assembly Building. Be sure to keep an eye on the day’s schedule, which can be found at the GA’s website, and also call at 804-698-1086 to get on my calendar.

Constituent Services

If you have a matter that concerns state government, contact my Richmond office during session at 804-698-1086 or send an email to Even if it’s with another government level, we can help you get connected with the appropriate person.